About Me


I was born in England to Irish parents who chose to return to Ireland to raise their daughter in County Sligo, Ireland. It was here, on the cold and mist-shrouded Atlantic coast that I developed my eternal passion for art and design,wrapped in the timeless romance of the Emerald Isle and surrounded by the ghosts of Yeats and Father Ted.


Returning to England in my teens, I opened my first floral business in Marple Bridge, a picturesque market town in the foothills of the English Pennine mountains. By the end of my first year in business, I had won the prestigious ‘Best Small Business’ award sponsored by the local council who subsequently adopted my operations manual for training floral industry apprentices. After several years I had earned a solid reputation for first class customer service and for creative and imaginative floral ideas, specializing in weddings, special events and local guild demonstrations. Through some of the relationships I developed through my business, I became increasingly involved with corporate hospitality and event management, organizing and hosting many successful events for a broad range of high-profile industrial and private clients.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and I now live in the magnificent Pacific North West region of the United States, having relocated here with my husband and two wonderful boys, Samuel and Joseph. Anyone who has children of their own will appreciate what an impact they have on your life and coupled with a family move from England to America, it is with great and genuine excitement that I find myself in the fortunate position of being able to once again do what I love. And through this period of tremendous personal growth, what hasn’t changed is my devotion for sharing my love of flowers and their simple beauty. Beautiful flowers are perfect for any occasion.


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